@ The Egyptian Room, Indianapolis | October 3, 2011

i dont think ill ever be over the fact that things glow in the dark whether youre looking at them or not

human is like my least favorite word 2 write in cursive

human is like my least favorite word 2 write in cursive


Can’t wait until these cuties are released!!! Check the shopping guide for links to buy everything!




Caesar did nothing aside from ROCKIN’


fuckwritersblock said: laughes with pence catching ur pop flys in the distance

how dare u i chEERED when he hit his homerun ealrier

default baseball emotion: purses lips, shakes head

i jsut checked in on the game i canNOT beELIEVE

Ace Attorney 69 Minute Creative Challenge!


Hey everyone!

This is the blog where we’ll reblog and post things regarding this challenge!

Be sure to tag your piece with #aa69min and the day number (aka #day1, #day2, etc.)

Art, drabbles, poems, whatever- As long it’s Ace Attorney, is inspired by the day’s prompt, and is done in roughly 69 minutes, it’s all good.

The way this will work is that each day at 12 Midnight EST, we’ll be making twitter and tumblr posts about the next day’s prompts!

Each prompt will be one word that you should probably base your work off of! Whether it’s an object, idea or otherwise, it would be great if you could work with the prompt as much as possible!

The ideal time for artists and writers to do this challenge will be between the posting of the day’s challenge and the posting of the next, but really, there are no deadlines! If you want to come back to prompts way into the challenge, that’s fine.

Be sure to direct any inquiries you may have to our inbox, or tweet us at AA_69min!

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